About Us

Bhrti Impex presents masterpieces of craftsmanship in the field of different kind of Jewellery. Every piece is designed keeping in mind the taste & style of the buyer. Bhrti Impex expanding its reach in the foreign (export) market.

We use various kinds of base metal ,good quality commercial glass and semi precious stones. We deal in all kinds of jewellery: silver, gold, diamond, vermiel, brass, ebony wood, shisham wood, agate, etc. We also make high quality of stones as per the customer's requirement. Our all products are made in our own factory. We deal as manufacturer, a wholesale supplier and an exporter.

Also, we are specialized in customization for any kind of design.

We offers bulk supplies to retailers, resellers, jewelry distributors worldwide at Factory pricing.

We have a very well furnished collection of extremely elegant gem stones These jewelry is give you the perfect look searched by you for so long. Our items are crafted and manufactured under expert supervision of professionals and designers. Bhrti Impex is a professionally managed company setting high standards in producing & exporting quality goods at Competitive price.